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Grower, Manufacturer, Purveyor, Practitioner ... "Food is Medicine"

Charity Veganfest started in the Natural and Organic Industry in 1986 in California. 

Today in Hawaii we are able to grow many of the ingredients for our products.

Our products are NON-GMO, all natural or organic.

Formulated by Dr. Georgie, MS, ND for healthy blood glucose and to prevent insulin resistance,

all our products fulfill the promise to our customers that "Food can be your Medicine."

Charity Veganfest Products

Natural, organic, vegan products formulated by Dr. Georgie, MS, ND. 

Dr. Georgie has created every product with her knowledge of Nutritional Biochemisty to provide you with tasty food for good health.

Prediabetes & Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Learn how to maintain healthy blood glucose to prevent insulin resistance and stop marching towards Type 2 diabetes. 

Lose weight safely using intermittent fasting, detoxification 

and replacing a calorie-dense diet with a nutrient-dense diet.  

Prediabetes Programs

1 Month Prediabetes Protocol: Abolish Sugar Cravings

First Month, 30 Days: Food Only

Prebiotic Waffle Mix and Xylitol Passionfruit Syrup.

4 one pound packages of prebiotic waffle/pancake mix.  Makes 16 large waffles (32 half servings.)

Made with oats, garbanzo, and coconut flour which are high in soluble fiber to help control blood sugar and slow absorption of glucose, preventing insulin spikes and lessening sugar cravings.

3 Month Prediabetes Bootcamp: Flush Toxins to Shrink Your Waistline

Total Body Rejuvenation & Microbiome Restoration

Detoxify using a whole foods plant based diet with daily intermittent fasting to remove toxic stubborn body fat to reverse prediabetes.

Target Resolutions

  • Reduce blood glucose to normal (fasting; 99 mg/dl.)
  • Lose 5-7% body weight (CDC recommendation to prevent diabetes): 10-20 lbs. 
  • Revitalize microbiome with good bacteria to maintain healthy weight, strong immune system and vibrant mind.

Detoxification protocol:  

  • Organ detoxification of colon, liver, kidneys
  • Blood endotoxins specifically lipopolysaccharides, LPS from gram negative bacteria (E. coli), mold toxins (Aflaxtoxin), pesticides, phthalates, PBC, PCB, BPA, and heavy metals 
  • And lastly, gut microbiome restoration

Package includes:

  • Prebiotic food: 3 months Prebiotic Waffle Mix and passionfruit syrup, bean pastas, lentils, 2 lbs. organic rolled oats, 2 lbs. Garbanzo bean flour, sugarless jams, sugarless chutneys, 1 lb. Xylitol natural sweetener, 1 lb. gluten free muffin mix, and 2 organic dark chocolate bars for a cardio-healthy treat!
  • Organic turmeric & ginger anti-inflammatory elixirs
  • Cleansing & immune boosting herbs: Dandelion, Astragulus & Milk Thistle
  • Blood sugar supplements: Chromium & Gymnemia
  • Blood cleansers: Red Clover & Burdock
  • Heavy Metal Chelators: We do not utilize binders that may have ill side effects; DMPS. The heavy metal binders we use have been shown to be effective and safe for most people, like Chlorella, Bentonite clay, and our own proprietary blend
  • Gut microbiome restoration: Our Endospore Probiotic bacteria are the ONLY species that can survive the stomach acid, making it possible for them to restore the colon:

  1. Producing an antibiotic like Bacitracin to kill bacteria like E. Coli
  2. Reducing endotoxins such as LPS, a cause of low grade chronic inflammation
  3. Producing all B vitamins, including B12 and K2
  4. Producing short chain fatty acids for colon cells
  5. Producing Nattokinase, to dissolve blood clots
  6. Anti-inflammatory for Crohn's, IBS, and ulcerative colitis
  7. Strengthening tight junctions of Enterocytes, aiding in healing of leaky gut
  8. Rebalancing the microbiome through good bacteria populations for ideal weight
  9. Strengthening the immune system, reducing infection and risk of chronic disease
  10. Producing 95% Serotonin, helping to alleviate depression and increase happiness
  11. Antibiotic resistant, these good bacteria will survive antibiotic treatment, negating overgrowth of Candida


Email Holistic Dr. Georgie for complete details:

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Check out this great video

Shark cartilage put to the test to cure cancer.



Red Lentil & Leek Soup

Lentil is a legume that is high in protein, low in fat and one of the best sources of soluble fiber (guar gum). Soluble fiber feeds our good bacteria and helps control carbohydrates for slow absorption to prevent insulin spikes and raise satiety. 

Leeks are in the onion family. The onion family is known for possessing the potent  compound Allicin, which has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. 

Enjoy this potent soup, adding a few pieces of potato for the greatest healthy comfort food.

1 cup red lentils

3 cups water

1 cup diced carrots

1 cup celery

1 cup leeks

Add water and lentils and cook in boiling water for 10 minutes. Add diced carrots, celery, and leeks. Cook on medium heat for another 10 minutes until veggies are soft.

Recipes: Smoothies & Juices

Anti-Aging Daily Green Juice: Celery & Cucumber

We encourage the consumption of a green vegetable juice every day. Fresh organic leafy green vegetables are the best source of folate. Folate is essential for the process of methylation for DNA synthesis and repair.

3 lbs. organic celery

1.5 lbs. organic cucumber

1 lb. organic dandelion

1 oz. organic ginger

cilantro, turmeric (optional)

Celery (optional - boosts testosterone levels in men)

Place all ingredients, one at a time, into a juicer. Stir.

Makes 1.5 quarts.

Your Purchase Supports Donations by Charity Veganfest

Life Giving Earth

Oceans, Forest, Lakes, Rivers, 

       Mountains, Volcanoes

Life Supporting Animals

All living creatures have unique abilities endowed upon them.  All are irreplaceable, priceless contributors to 

the Web of Life.

Homo Sapiens

"I believe the most powerful and supreme ability of humankind is to alleviate suffering and to grant happiness to living creatures."

Georgie, MS, ND

Charity Veganfest Mission: Save Earth, Animals & Ourselves


Donations made to:

Earthjustice, Wilderness Watch, Earth Law, NRDC, Nature Conservancy, Rainforest Land Trust, Rainforest Action Network, Rainforest Alliance, Ocean Conservancy, Oceania


Donations made to:

Oreo's Aloha Farm Sanctuary, Center for Biodiversity, African Wildlife Foundation, Big Cat Rescue, American Wild Horse Campaign, Wild Buffalo Campaign, Sea Shepherd, Howling for Wolves, IFAW, ALDF, Humane League, David Sheldrick Foundation


Donations made to:

Physicans Committee for Responsible Medicine (Dr. Barnard Medical), Hilo Hospital Medical Foundation,  Pachamama Alliance Rainforest Foundation, EWG, NutritionFacts.org, Gentle World, 

Battered Women Society

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Testimonials & Disclaimer

Real Testimonials

Reversing Diabetes

I am writing to recommend Charity Veganfest waffles. The waffles were said to stabilize blood sugars in diabetics and keep you feeling full. Being a diabetic for a number of years, I had nothing to lose by trying it. The benefits have been substantial. I lost more than twenty pounds, got rid of several diabetic medications and lowered my A1Cs. Veganfest waffles are part of my daily morning routine and get me off to a healthy start!

Mel Jones, Hawaii ~ April 18, 2015

Appetite Control

Dear Georgie... Met you at the Farmers' Market and tried a waffle. I absolutely loved it! 1/4 for breakfast and I was full all day! Mahalo...

Andrea T.,  Canyon, California ~ December 10, 2015

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