Cost of Programs

One Month "Food Only" Program

This simple, self-help food program controls blood glucose to alleviate sugar cravings, allowing you to move forward with the Boot Camp program and jet start your way to reversal of Insulin Resistance and Optimum Health.

"Gift of Healthy Life" special price: $47

3 Month Boot Camp Program: Detox, Fasting & Food ~ $997

      Target Resolutions: 

  • Reduce blood glucose to "normal fasting" 99mg/dl.  
  • Lose 5-7% body weight (CDC recommendation to prevent diabetes), 10-20 lb.*
  • Revitalize microbiome with good bacteria to  maintain healthy weight, heal "leaky gut," and boost the immune system for vibrant health and mind. 

     * Loss of 10-20 lbs is not guaranteed. Individual results may vary.  

Food $300 value

Elixirs, Herbs, Supplements, Heavy Metal Binders: $200 value 

6 online coaching consultations with Q&A,
20 minutes once every two weeks: $480 value

Stress Management mediation CD: $50 value 

Detoxification Protocol: $1,000 value

Whole Plant Food Meal Plan: $40 value

Total program value: $2070

This special price of ONLY $997 is our gift to you to jumpstart your healing. ACT NOW! 

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6 Month Program: Diet, Detox, Fasting, Exercise, Stress Management ~ $2750

The big controllers of blood glucose are muscle mass and cortisol levels in the blood. That leads to the necessity of exercise in the form of strength training and stress management. Excess cortisol in the blood keeps blood glucose high. The good news is that skeletal muscles burn seven times more calories than adipose tissues (fat). So we want strong muscles and a low-stress lifestyle, which we achieve through strength and meditation.

Premium: Private Coaching

Lifestyle Change Program tailored to your specific needs

We are created whole. Therefore to achieve Optimum Health we need to approach health with a "wholistic" strategy which includes:

1. The One month Prebiotic food for blood glucose control to eradicated sugar cravings.

2. The 3 months program to detoxify the bodily organs. The Intermittent fasting to Jumpstart fat burning process.

3. The 6 months program ; addition of exercise and stress management.

4. 7 to 12 months:  Journey into the Heart of Reconnect with your "Soul"; Your True Self, Your Essence, your "God Made Self".

Dr. Georgie 's 50 years "Healing Journey" in 6 months program.

5. Anatomy & Physiology of the Brain.

        Prefontal, Analytical Computer

        Limbic, Emotional, Animal Brain.

6.  Neurobiology

7.  Neurochemistry.

8.  Psychology:  Behavior, Limbic, "hardwired for Survival" "Seat of Action". The Limbic controls majority of bodily functions; blood glucose, blood pressure, hunger, sex etc. PLUS The programs that determine the Reality you are "Living".

      ***Amygdala, Nucleus accumben,



9. Limiiting Beliefs "Viral programs" from Others, "Your Man -made Self", that DO NOT BELONG TO YOU.

10.'RELEASING" of electrical charges stored in "Engrams" in Limiting Beliefs.

11.  Eliminating Limiting Beliefs:i.e; Not Smart Enough, Not Good Enough, Unlovable etc. (negative, toxic opinions of others) with  Universal TRUTHS.

12 SPIRITUALITY : Journey into Heart of Yourself"..........A FIRST HAND experience to Reconnect as to WHO you truly are, which you knew as a child but "lost" by age 10.

To "know" your "Divine Purpose", WHY you were Created, so you can perform your "UNIQUE HEALING JOURNEY" as stated by Oprah.......Unique!!!!



Cost varies dependent upon scope and length of program: $5,600  to $12,500


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